Cleaning and maintenance of cars’ interior

The car used for a while, more or less the interior of the car is also dirty, so please clean and maintain the interior regularly, the use time will be long and the interior will not appear difficult moldy smell. bear.

Clean step 1:

– Clear out your car and put it in a separate compartment for easy control

– Take the foot pads to vacuum and clean the garbage in the car.

– Remove the seat to make cleaning the chair and floor easier and avoid missing details in the corner of the jam.

Clean step 2:

– Wipe the tap-lo board, door-panel and plastic furniture inside the car with a soft and damp cloth to remove common dirt such as dirt, sand, etc. If necessary, special chemicals will be used. handle stubborn stains.

– Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the surface of the details, slots, grooves, in the deep nooks and especially on carpets. Use cleaning chemicals and interior steamers using hot steam for leather floors and felt.

– Seats after being removed will be cleaned with specialized chemicals of Sonax or 3M.

– Tran la Font is also treated and cleaned with chemicals.

– The rear tires are also vacuumed and cleaned.

– Primary wheels are also cleaned.

Clean step 3:

– After cleaning, use special chemicals 3M or Sonax to maintain and polish the skin, making the skin softer.

– If parking in the sun 35 degrees for 20 minutes, the temperature in the car will be over 50 degrees, if parked for 40 minutes, the temperature in the car is over 65 degrees, thus showing that the interior of the interior is more likely to be damaged. Outside, proper care and maintenance is important.

After doing 3 steps on your leather chair will get rid of 100% unpleasant odors.

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