Experience self-cleaning car interiors at home

After a long time, the interior of any car will deteriorate due to the impact of weather, dirt and people.

These factors make it lose the elegance of the driver's interior. However, with some simple tasks, you can make the car interior shiny and new again.

Hoang Dung Company would like to share the content of the following article, wish you all the toilet, polished furniture for your beloved driver successfully.

To manually clean and polish the interior of your car, you have to prepare some of the following tools:

  • Two clean sponges

  • A bottle of plastic cleaner

  • A plastic protective bottle

  • A coton cleaning cloth

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • A brush

After preparing the full equipment, we proceed with the interior cleaning steps:

Vacuuming: Vacuuming dirt makes it easier to clean and does not get dirt after sticking to it. You should vacuum clean on the ceiling, the car floor, the nooks and crannies of the door, slot seats, taplo, …

After vacuuming is completed, conduct cleaning from the top down.

Cleaning the ceiling: Cleaning the ceiling is quite simple. Just spray the cleaning agent on a towel and wipe the ceiling. Because of less impact, the ceiling is less dirty than other places and easier to clean.

Cleaning taplo, control panel, steering wheel: These are the parts that are frequently affected, so they are most likely to get dirty.

You need to carefully clean the steering wheel, control panel and the drawers. Use a cleaning agent to spray on the surface of equipment.

Then wipe with a sponge, spray a small amount of protective substance onto the cloth and wipe the surface and wait about 10 minutes then wipe with a clean cloth.

Continue to apply protective coat and wipe again until you feel that the surface is clean and shiny.

Seat cleaning: For seats where you have to use a special cleaning agent for each material (leather or felt), you need a brush to remove the stains on the leather covering.

Cleaning the car door: The door panels are also made of plastic and you can clean it similar to taplo. You can use a brush and a towel to clean and refresh the door panel and make sure to clean the door seals too.

Cleaning the trunk: The trunk is mainly composed of household items so it is not too dirty. You just need to gather up your furniture and vacuum cleanly.

Cleaning the car floor: The car floor is the dirtiest area on the car, but you can easily clean it by vacuuming, then spraying cleaning chemicals and cleaning. For felt floors, scrubbing will be more effective.

After cleaning the interior is complete should check to see if there is any merit or not and do additional work. If you are done, wash the car and you will have a newer shiny car from the inside out.

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