Do you want your office, your home to be beautiful and cool?

Hoang Dung Sanitary Company specializes in providing services to care for trees and lawns for factories, agencies, schools, hospitals … with jobs:

  • renting, planting, renovating garden

  • fertilizing, pruning, clearing, branches

  • cleaning campus, eradicating pests and diseases …

Take proper care to keep the trees green, flowering, bearing regular fruits.

Our company accepts regular or recurring care contracts.


Take care of bonsai


Service of care and maintenance of plants in the garden and villas

Routine tree care work:

Periodic work (depending on customer requirements).

  • Pruning and shaping ornamental plants: Use professional tools to trim, shape or keep the tree's shape.

  • Lawn mowing: Use a mower or grass cutter to keep the grass smooth and beautiful.

  • Weed removal: Remove the weeds from the yard.

  • Spraying ornamental plants: applying fertilizers suitable for each type of plants, and spraying plants to keep plants green.

  • Checking for insect pests, insecticides and spraying of insecticides (If any): At the time of periodic care, if plants are found to be pests, we will handle them immediately to avoid spreading them.

Three-month periodical work: performed by staff, agro-forestry engineers and ornamental artisans.

Monthly bonsai staff will check the garden care to give care directions in the next time.

Non-recurring work:

  • In case of pests and diseases, customers should contact us immediately, we will send technical staff to handle promptly.

  • Service of taking care and maintaining plants and bodies of enterprises:

Daily work

  • Watering, tending plants, flowers and grass.

  • Cut, prune, shape tree branches.

  • Lawnmower

  • Weeding.

  • Spraying, fertilizing suitable for each type of plant.

  • Checking plant pests and spraying insecticide (if any)

Periodic work per month:

  • Once a month, there will be technicians to inspect the care of bonsai.

  • To give directions and care plan in the next time or to rent trees at the request of customers.


We, Hoang Dung Sanitary Company would like to thank our customers in the past for trusting and using our services.

In response to the trust of our customers, we always refresh ourselves to meet the requirements of our customers.

In return for the love that our customers have for our company, we would like to make policies as well as quotes for industrial cleaning services.

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