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  • The above price does not include 10% VAT
  • The above price is only a provisional price for customers to imagine the general price bracket of the Industrial Hygiene services in Nha Trang.
  • When customers use Hoang Dung Industrial Cleaning service will come to place to survey and quote, then the price may be lower or higher depending on the difficulty of the company. construction process
  • Sincerely thank you for your interest!
1Swing on the outside of a glass buildingm215,000 - 17,000
2Wipe the glass inside the buildingm28,000 - 10,000
3Cleaning Carpet (bali, coton, wool, silk, vegetable fiber carpet, synthetic ...)m215,000 - 18,000
4Washing chairs used in officesitem30,000 - 50,000
5Washing Sofaitem300,000 - 350,000
6Cleaning, polishing paint, glue, railings of all kindsm28,000 - 25,000
7 General cleaning after construction, General cleaning of factories, warehouses, buildings, vacuuming all constructions, cleaning all items, fans, kitchens, toilets, computers, tables and chairs ... in agencies, factories, houses, ...m212,000 - 15,000
8 Polishing all types of floor tiles, stone, wood, ...m225,000 - 30,000
9Covering, refreshing types of floor tiles, stone, wood, ...m240,000 - 45,000
10Certain daily hygiene at offices, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, schools, houses ...Person6,000,000 - 6,500,000
11Building, repairing and waterproofing works of all kinds.ContactContact - 0
12Maintenance and regular maintenance worksContactContact - 0