Bonsai Care Service

You are owning beautiful ornamental art trees, but the trees are destroyed in the first place?

Or you want to give the tree a new look? However, you do not have free time, do not have ideas or do not have good technology to fix them?

Hoang Dung Company will solve those problems of you. We will advise and recreate the tree shape.


Bonsai Care Service

Bonsai Care Service


Hoang Dung Company provides care services for ornamental plants grown in office areas, restaurants, hotels, villas ….

With a team of staff with long experience in the field of planting and tending bonsai, Hoang Dung Company has satisfied the most fastidious customers.

With the desire to help our customers busy, do not have time to spend for the care and maintenance of their gardens, Hoang Dung Company is pleased to provide customers with the following services:

– Pruning and shaping ornamental plants.

– Cutting and weeding, spraying plant nutrients, fertilizing appropriately for each kind of ornamental plants to green leaves

– Check the status of plant pests and handle promptly to avoid spreading.

– Advise you how to care garden appropriately and effectively.

With artisans of famous bonsai village with reasonable cost, customers will be satisfied when using this service of Hoang Dung Company.

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