Clean the house immediately

No matter how hard you try to keep your home clean all day, you still need a weekend to clean the whole house.

If you don't want to waste a whole day off, you need to have a detailed and scientific plan for moving.

You must know what you need to do and how to avoid wasting time without improving anything. So, what exactly do we need to focus on? Yes, a few tips can help.

On weekends, if you do not like to ask and cleaning companies to clean your house, then manually twist your sleeve to clean your home.

No matter how hard you try to keep your home clean all day, you still need a weekend to clean the whole house.

1. Rearrange household items

Before starting to clean carpets and floors, you should consider the furniture inside the drawers.

Make sure the clothes are beautifully arranged, the dishes are neatly on the shelves and everything is in their place. Do this job weekly and you will avoid clutter.

2. Clean the window

Let the light rush into your home and everything will look brighter and more beautiful.

Take time to clean the repair windows, especially the glass windows. Use newspaper and vinegar solution and water to clean the window. This way the glass window shines.

3. Clean curtains / blinds

You know, sometimes when you look closely at the hanging curtains / blinds, you will see that they are completely covered with dust.

To avoid this you should clean curtains / blinds hanging every week.

This way the dirt won't be saved and you won't spend hours washing them. Use a solution of vinegar mixed with clean water to spray on curtains / blinds to clean them.

4. Sweep under the furniture

When you move some furniture you'll immediately see a lot of dirt underneath.

Take a minute to clean under the table, chairs, cabinets … furniture in general in your home. Do this every week and your home will always be clean.

5. Clean the gaskets

Even though the cushions were covered with gas… but dirt and other things still left their mark.

You can clean the pads quickly with a solution of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and water.

Then, sprinkle a little baking soda powder on top, let stand for a few tens of minutes to allow the baking powder to absorb moisture, deodorize the pads. And so, you get clean, new mattresses.

6. Clean the drainage pipe

We often think that if pipes are not clogged, they are clean. Ideally, you should clean them regularly so that you never get in an uncomfortable situation because of the clogged sewers.

This only takes a few minutes. First, pour about half a cup of baking soda powder down the drain, then pour a cup of boiling vinegar and rinse with water.

7. Clean sanitary ware

After you finish the above work, do not forget to clean tools such as brooms, brushes, mops …

In the process of helping us clean the house, they are also dirty, if not cleaned, then every time When you use it, they bring dirt into the house.

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