Guide effective ceiling fan cleaning

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Here we will advise you on some methods to clean the home interior most effective.

If you regularly use ceiling fans for a long time, there will be a lot of dirt on it, so ceiling fans need to be cleaned and cleaned regularly.


Guide effective ceiling fan cleaning


If you do not regularly clean, your ceiling fan is quickly broken, because it is hung very high, making it difficult to clean, which causes many bacteria and dirt throughout your room. .

In fact, you do not need to have an electric fan or a hygienist to clean and maintain your beloved electric ceiling fan yourself quickly and effectively without having to pay for rent. employees.

For faster cleaning, you should prepare two main tools: a vacuum cleaner and a towel.

Here are some steps to perform a simple ceiling fan cleaning:

You should prepare a vacuum cleaner with a round brush head attached on the suction of the vacuum cleaner to clean the ceiling fan.

Use the brush tip of the vacuum cleaner to move slowly on the rotor blades to get rid of the dirt on the most stubborn patches.

You start with cleaning the engine part of the fan. Using a vacuum cleaner will help you just sweep the dust adhering to the fan and the engine, very useful, it will remove dirt deep in the engine to make the engine more durable, better.

Use a towel to clean the electric fan: After you have cleaned the stubborn dirt clinging to the ceiling fan with a vacuum cleaner, the job is much simpler then.

When cleaning the electric fan with a towel, make sure that the fan does not move, wipe the top and bottom of the mechanical fans to completely remove any remaining dirt. Remove the remaining dirt.


Guide effective ceiling fan cleaning


Congratulations, you've finished cleaning and maintenance, it's very simple, isn't it? You can clean your ceiling fan yourself.

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