Guide to self-cleaning your kitchen

If you are unable to do the cleaning for your kitchen, do it yourself, it will be interesting to enjoy the results.

The kitchen seems to be the most used place of the day and also the most difficult place to clean in every home.

In a few simple ways below, it is completely possible to clean the kitchen easily and most conveniently.

Cleaning the house, cleaning is actually something that scares many people, but we are all forced to do it. In particular, cleaning the kitchen is one of the most difficult tasks because it takes place daily.

Instead of wasting money on expensive cleaning products and taking a ton of time to complete, we've listed some unique and inexpensive "tricks" to help you keep your kitchen clean. 

Let's find out, try applying and let us know how you like them!

For the pan to burn black …

Pour water into the pan, pan, add 1-2 rhubarb trees cut and boil. After boiling 2 – 3 minutes, turn off the heat and let it cool completely. Now, you can easily clean stains quickly.

Your refrigerator smells

Take a bowl, pour some vanilla essential oil into the bowl and soak with paper towels.

Then, use a paper towel to wipe every nook and cranny inside the refrigerator. Any unpleasant food smell will disappear and your fridge will cool down again.

Dirty floor?

Dirty shoes and food are the two main "perpetrators" that often make floors dirty.

Once irritated, the cleaning will take you a lot of time, especially with vinyl floors. In this case, you can apply a little toothpaste on the stains and then use a clean brush and wipe the house as usual.

Odor in the sewage pipe

Pour some dishwashing liquid (or even some of your favorite scented soaps) directly into the drain.

Allow to stand 30 minutes and then drain to remove all stagnant waste in the pipeline. Your nose will get rid of unpleasant odor immediately.

Stains in the dishwasher….

Very simple! First remove all objects in the machine, then run a normal washing cycle with the help of 200ml of vinegar. Any stains, even hiding in the deepest position, will disappear completely.

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