Living with a dangerous job – Cleaning building glasses

Profession of cleaning high-rise glass is required to swing all day, hovering in the air, so people who work as glass-cleaning people for tall buildings are like … "Spiderman".

In order to make a living, they face the danger that lurks.

The work of a high-rise glass cleaner starts in the morning, because according to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga, who manages a group of cleaning glass glass in Da Nang, in the afternoon the weather is often volatile, with high winds, so security The safest part of the day is early morning.


Living with a dangerous job - Cleaning building glasses

Glass workers must climb in midair to earn a living – Photo: Bao Nguyen


The "spiderman" glass

Glass carry a lot of items with you, such as glass cleaning tools, water, glass cleaning solution, balancing equipment, rubber shoes with high adhesion, drinking water … the following glass cleaners

When inspecting the lifeline and lifeline, slowly start to drop yourself down from the top of the building.

Their job is not only to clean the dirt but also to keep everything safe with them, even the working tools must not be dropped so as not to cause an accident for themselves and their neighbors. below.

Witnessing the glass cleaners working in person, I realized the dangers of the job.

At the administrative center of Da Nang City, amidst the intense sunlight, standing under Tran Phu Street looking up at the 25-storey building, glass cleaners climbed in the air with a very thrilling feeling.

They are highly focused to work. The outside building is covered with glass, so there is almost no place to hang on, each person has to keep themselves secure with special tools.

Whenever there was wind, though light, if only a little ignored, they were immediately blown away like a clock in the air.

For buildings with high difficulty, dropping down to the point of cleaning is not easy, so in order to meet the handover schedule, it must be done through noon.

Therefore, lunches in the air are not uncommon. Mr. Phan Le Trong (resident of Son Tra District, Da Nang), a "spider" who has more than 10 years of experience in the swing industry with cables on 50 high-rise buildings in both Central and South to clean glass, gluing glass, joking: “We even set the dining table in the air with glass snuffers.

Surely not many people have such meals. Eating and watching the scenery from above is very interesting ”.

For workers like Trong, hovering over buildings higher than 100 meters is a common occurrence.


Living with a dangerous job - Cleaning building glasses

“Hanging on the air is extremely dangerous. Therefore, we are always vigilant, thoroughly checking all conditions before we drop down, ”Trong said.


Accident lurking

Those "conditions", according to senior people like Trong, must first be weather conditions. It will definitely not work because there is a wind.

The cable must check every centimeter, the string tie must also be safe.

And most importantly health. If the health of a worker, despite working for a long time, is not guaranteed, he cannot wear a swing, because just dizziness, headache, at that height, it is likely to cause an unfortunate accident.

Ms. Thuy Nga shared, even those who work must also be carefully recruited. Not too fat, not too thin, not deformed limbs, quick reflexes; If the slow reflex test is of the right type because this is a very important factor.

And yet, before starting the job, the worker is very carefully trained, from trying to endure the height, health, stability when doing the job. After training, try to work skills.

Even so, many things even though anticipation still happens.

Not long ago, when building a high-rise building near the Han River (Da Nang), when Trong and his colleague Le Van Phuong were cleaning glass on the 20th floor, suddenly a strong wind emerged.

This area is near the river, so the wind blows fast and strongly, although the morning is very beautiful.

The two brothers were swung by the wind from above, struggled very hard to survive and then quickly landed, in front of everyone's anxiety.

Ms. Thuy Nga said that for newcomers due to the lack of subjective experience with their health, when working in the midday sun, sweating, severe dehydration; if not promptly brought to the ground quickly for first aid, it is extremely dangerous.

Be careful, but the glass cleaners shudder when they mention the unfortunate accidents that their colleagues encountered.

In November 2013, at the Hoa Binh twin tower (Hanoi), a glass cleaning worker fell freely from the 7th floor of the building due to a broken cable, and was taken to emergency in a critical condition.

Earlier, in June 2013, at a high-rise building in Tam Ky City, Quang Nam, the NBP worker (resident of Quang Xuong, Thanh Hoa) also unexpectedly fell down while cleaning the glass outside this building, causing him P. died on the spot …

Many people, even though they have been trained, but only work for 1-2 days, have given up to choose other jobs more gently, because they can not stand the pressure. “This is a dangerous profession indeed.

In addition to being able to earn more money than other cleaning jobs, the worker must really love the new job to stay long ”-“ Spider-man ”Phan Le Trong shared, before returning to his job, crouching in midair …

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