The process of cleaning high-rise glass

Glass process of high-rise building and high-rise hotel

Cleaning service of high-rise glass – Wiping the glass outside of a high-rise building with the method of swinging rope, hanging ladder, winch frame …

We accept to wipe glass of high-rise buildings, wipe the stone surface high, wipe the alu surface, wipe the glass signs, the glass window … flexible and observant, linked and able to borrow resources from the resources surrounding the construction site.

Why choose Hoang Dung?

  • As a long-term industrial hygiene unit in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Carry out countless large and small projects.

  • Used equipment imported from Italy, USA and France.

  • Chemicals we use are also imported from USA, Italy, Germany.

  • Professional team.

  • Scientific workflow.

  • Handling problems quickly, cleanly.

Equipment prepared for "cleaning service of high-rise buildings"

  • Glass scraper 16 inches

  • Cotton rabbit 16 inches

  • Swing rope with load of 1.5 tons (with 2 lines including 1 lifeline)

  • Swing seat, safety lock with self-locking suspension

  • Safety belts in the form of a full body shirt

  • Inhalation 1 pin bearing force 40 kg

  • Helmets, plastic buckets, chemicals, specialized absorbent fabrics … Full equipment is the basis to increase safety, minimize risks during construction.

Standard "high-rise glass cleaning" process – absolute safety.

  • Examine thoroughly the area to clean glass and plan construction

  • Submit the construction plan to the building safety supervision

  • Conducting equipment and worker health checks

  • Proceed to install the construction model as in the construction plan

  • The two sides monitoring department checked the safety level for the last time

  • Place the sign "Under construction" in front of the construction location

  • Only work when the weather is favorable (no rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, storms …)

  • Workers are required to comply with labor safety regulations

  • Always have supervised support and ongoing inspection

  • Deploying construction in turn follow the steps:

  1. Cleaning rough parts including glue, paint, silicone …

  2. Cleaning the frame and smudges, chemicals

  3. Clean the glass from top to bottom.

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