• You have just built a house and a workshop. Stains, paint stains, chemicals … on the wall, on the glass, on the floor make you uncomfortable.

  • Also a lot of waste, packaging, broken bricks, cement, protective tape … during construction is left

  • You tried to clean, but the more you paint the paint, the more the chemicals spread, and it won't erase.

General cleaning work after construction is an indispensable step of any large or small projects. It is the last and also the most important step to create a complete, clean and pleasing building owner.

Hoang Dung Sanitary is a professional company in general cleaning service after building apartments, buildings, offices, villas, restaurants, factories, factories, etc. We clean up all dirty things. and bring satisfaction to customers.

For the apartment: Your family has just built a house, is in the process of cleaning the lime, paint baits and all rubbish after construction. Hoang Dung cleaning with specialized equipment and a team of skilled workers will help you complete the rest so that your house is spacious and clean before you move in.


For buildings: For buildings and offices that have just been constructed, Hoang Dung staff will clean up and collect leftover materials, perform cleaning steps according to the general process of their company.


The process of industrial cleaning after construction is divided into 2 parts as follows:


Before proceeding to make the fine part, it is always necessary to clean the raw part, this is the waste left by contractors. These materials are scanned, neatly packed into bags, carrying bins, gathered in the right place of the work according to each room or floor and from top to bottom.


Cleaning glasses

– Use cleaning chemicals, mop and rag, glass wiper, glass mop for cleaning dust and stains such as cement, paint on the outside surface of the glass and aluminum frame.

  • This chemical is fragrant, non-toxic and made in glass while also increasing the life, durability of glass material, aluminum frame.

– Using specialized chemicals with the function of cutting off the foot of grease-bearing dirt caused by dust, car exhaust, rain water, long-term environmental pollution.

  • Using chemicals and special glass wicks that clean the glass surface.

– Use Polime Wax-based special chemicals to clean the entire aluminum frame with features to clean, polish and protect the aluminum surface, dust, oxidation.

– If you need to use a set of swings or specialized scaffolding to clean glass overhead, the outside depends on the terrain of the project.

Cleaning toilets

  • Use a dry towel to wrap stainless steel devices to prevent watering and stain due to water stains

  • Use a floor brush, floor brush, chemicals to clean the stains on the floor and enameled walls.

  • Wiping dispenser, blower …

  • Use reeds and chemicals that clean the floor.

  • Use soft felt and chemicals to clean the lighting system and sanitary equipment: Toilets, urinals, mirrors, wash basins, partitions, wringer towels, soap racks, front glass and side shutters after…

  • Use clean glass and bright glass mirror.

  • Wipe system of doors, windows

  • Dry furniture, sanitary equipment after cleaning.

Clean the floor

  • Need to identify floor tiles: Floor tiles are very diverse in colors that can be obtained from clay or additives.

  • Tiles have glazed and translucent glaze, outdoor tiles, indoors, when cleaning the floor absolutely without soap, easily damaging the surface of the tile floor and bringing the slippery, so only use specialized cleaning water use.

  • Treating stubborn stains first by applying a special powerful floor scrubber then rub.

  • Use a special cleaning chemical mixed with water in accordance with the manufacturer's ratio, put into a scrubber and conduct scrubber.

  • Using a dirty scrubber 175 rpm, brush the scrub evenly on the floor surface to remove debris, which is a total cleaning service that is attached to the surface of the cleaning tank.

  • Absorb dirty water after scrubbing with an industrial vacuum that sucks up all the dirt and chemicals on the entire floor surface: the suction must go backward, ensuring a clean, dry appearance.

  • Please contact Hoang Dung Cleaning Company, we are committed to work quickly, completely and with the most reasonable cost.

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