Currently, in buildings / buildings, companies, glass enterprises are selected as a modern, beautiful and luxurious building materials which are increasingly popular and popular.

Used for many different purposes such as making doors, dividing walls, decorating, making walls …

However, to keep the glass always shiny requires regular cleaning.

With the walls, the decorations, the windows below, we can easily clean.

But with the glass above and especially the walls made of glass, the hygiene is an extremely important issue, it is very time-consuming, difficult and dangerous.

Understanding that, Hoang Dung Industrial Cleaning Service will help you to clean difficult-to-handle glass easily, safely and quickly.

With a team of highly trained cleaning technicians and principles to ensure safety when cleaning on high; combined with specialized equipment and chemicals such as gondola, rope gear system, hydraulic lift.

You will be satisfied using our glass cleaning service.





Steps to carry out the work

Step 1

– Prepare a full set of rope swings for one person

– Stretching safety belts on high work areas

Step 2

– Observe the overview. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, immediately report to the managing unit for timely handling

Step 3

– Tie the rope to a fixed post to ensure a load of 500kg or more

– Use the second rope as well as the first rope to make seat belts

– Tie the seat to the first swing

– Then wear a seatbelt and sit in a chair

Step 4

– Check the last safety allowed and then start the construction line

Step 5

– At the end of the day, when construction is stopped, wire must be fixed after landing


Step 1: Prepare construction

– Supervising the construction team with the workers, disseminating the work, the construction location, safety methods, working conditions at the project, working time, cleaning after the working hours, organization Chemical maker .

– Newspaper of security guards places a sign to put dangerous wires in the sanitary area.

– Move furniture or cover with water cover.

– Assemble the main wire and lifeline in which the lifeline is parallel to the main line and is not tied to the main line.

– Check the safety of the safety lock and the seat lock with toilet tools and equipment and then swing the rope into the glass area to be cleaned.

Step 2: Raw cleaning

– Use a razor to remove paint, glue, silicone stains on the frame and on the glass.

Step 3: Cleaning the glass frame with chemicals

– Mix chemicals in the glass frame according to the appropriate ratio.

– Clean the glass frame: use a paint brush to sweep dust, towels and chemicals

Step 4: Clean the glass

– Wet the glass with glass cleaning solution.

– Use a special sponge or wet wipes or a hand spray spray on the glass or rabbit fur dipped into a bucket of chemical solution and rub in a horizontal line from the top down to the end of the glass.

– Wiping glass: wiping the glass in one of four ways: vertical brushing, horizontal brushing, wiping in the right angle or sliding down the horizontal line from the top down. While brushing, keep the blade tilted at 450 degrees to the glass, do not lift the blade, but the blade should always be close to the glass. Wipe the blade with a dry towel after each brush.

– After brushing off, wipe off the surrounding edges of the glass with a dry towel.

– Cleaning from top to bottom rows of glass.

Step 5: Clean the backstage

– At the end of the work, remove the tarpaulin, shrink the wire, move the furniture back to its original position, dismantle the equipment, then clean and store it.

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