Hoang Dung Nha Trang Cleaning Company, with a team of professional, experienced in cleaning process, we will find dust everywhere to clean, even in places that you can not imagine.

Why choose Hoang Dung?

  • A longtime unit in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Carry out countless large and small projects.

  • Used equipment imported from Italy, USA and France.

  • Chemicals we use are also imported from USA, Italy, Germany.

  • Professional team.

  • Scientific workflow.

  • Handling problems quickly, cleanly.


Step 1:

Gathering cleaning equipment and machines at one location at the construction site, inspecting and reporting to the building guards for the last number before bringing into the building (Compare with the list of tools brought)

Move cleaning equipment and machinery to the highest floor (if the building is a multi-storey building) and carry out the cleaning process according to the next steps.

Step 2:

Raw cleaning means collecting construction waste (non-suction vacuums must be cleaned by hand) and vacuuming (or using a mop) if the building is dusty.

Before carrying out detailed cleaning, it is necessary to clean the raw part first, this is a waste product of construction after they withdraw from the work.

These materials are scanned, neatly packed into bags and bins gathered in the right places of the construction according to each room or floor and from top to bottom.

In order to do this, there are no more construction groups.

Chemical mixing: chemicals should be tested first (by increasing the ratio and should be done at the hidden corner), in accordance with the manufacturer's ratio.

Step 3:

Perform detailed cleaning from the top down, from the inside including: air conditioning equipment, lighting, wool wall, door, door frame, …

Note: if the building has items such as glass, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, carpet, plastic, etc., it is necessary to follow the cleaning process (see section on cleaning each item)

Step 4:

Floor cleaning: depending on the type of hard or soft floor, the type of natural stone floor or ship's tile floor, ceramic floor, hardener floor, concrete floor, wooden floor, etc., which method of cleaning is most appropriate.

Before cleaning, all unnecessary equipment and tools must be moved to the next floor.

Perform cleaning on the next floor and complete the construction as above.

Step 5:

Handover (acceptance) of each item, each room, each floor to the investor or the investor's representative in order to avoid cases of repeated hygiene.

Why must it be? The construction work has been basically completed but there are still some unfinished interior decoration items such as installing curtains, beds, wardrobes, entertainment equipment, etc.

The degree of work was agreed upon with the investor at the beginning and the investor had to pay extra cleaning fee.

Step 6:

Last inspection of the entire building, when inspected, stand at many angles (especially glass, glass tiles, toilet, wool, kitchen)

Acceptance of the whole project Note: the acceptance of a project is a record of what has been done and only acknowledges the completion of the work when the acceptance table has been signed and received by the investor (or the investor's representative).

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