Why choose Hoang Dung ?

  • A perennial unit in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Carry out countless large and small projects.

  • Used equipment imported from Italy, USA and France.

  • Chemicals we use are also imported from USA, Italy, Germany.

  • Professional team.

  • Scientific workflow.

  • Handling problems quickly, cleanly.


1. Wipe the glass

– Use cleaning chemicals, mop and rag, glass wiper, glass mop for cleaning dust and stains such as cement, paint on the outside surface of the glass and aluminum frame. This chemical features aroma, non-toxic and made in glass and also increases the shelf life, durability of glass material, aluminum frame.

– Using specialized chemicals with the function of cutting off the foot of grease-bearing dirt caused by dust, car exhaust, rain water, long-term environmental pollution. Using chemicals and special glass wicks that clean the glass surface.

– Use Polime Wax-based special chemicals to clean the entire aluminum frame with features to clean, polish and protect the aluminum surface, dust, oxidation.

– If you need to use a special set of swing or scaffolding to clean glass on high, on the outside (depending on the terrain of the project).


When observing that the cleaned glass is guaranteed to be clean or not, it is necessary to look at many angles if it is found that stains must be used immediately to wipe it dry.

When cleaning, the glass must be cleaned slowly, meticulously and wipe down from the top.

2. Clean the toilet

– Use a dry towel to wrap the stainless steel devices to prevent watering and stains due to water stains (if new).

– Use a floor brush, floor brush, chemicals to clean the stains on the floor and enameled walls.

– Wiping dispenser, blower …

– Use mops and chemicals that clean the floor (if necessary).

– Use soft felt and chemicals to clean the lighting system and sanitary equipment: Toilets, urinals, mirrors, wash basins, partitions, wringer towels, soap racks, front glass and side shutters after…

– Use clean glass and bright glass mirror.

– Wipe system of doors, windows

– Dry furniture, sanitary equipment after cleaning.

3. Clean the floor

The first step is to identify floor tiles. Very diverse floor tiles. The color of bricks can be obtained from clay or additives. Tiles have glazed and translucent glaze, outdoor tiles, indoors, when cleaning the floor absolutely without soap, easily damaging the surface of the tile floor and bringing the slippery, so only use specialized cleaning water use.

Step 1:

Clean coarse dust and vacuum (or do a small sweep if the dust is small, avoid sweeping dust upside down)

Step 2:

Treating stubborn stains first by applying strong special floor soothe and rub (to effectively remove stains, it is necessary to identify the origin of stains and the type of stains)

Step 3:

Use a special cleaning agent mixed with water according to the manufacturer's ratio, put it into the scrubber and scrub the floor. Using a dirty scrubber 175 rpm, brush the brush evenly on the floor surface to remove any debris currently adhering to the floor surface.

Step 4:

– Suck dirty water after scrubbing with an industrial vacuum to remove all dirt and chemicals on the entire floor surface: the suction must go backward, ensuring a clean and dry

– Final inspection of difficult stains and reprocessing, then wipe with industrial mops to make the floor surface similar to the gloss.

– Finish cleaning the floor.

Chemicals used:

  • Dymascale: a strong detergent for surfaces sticking with lime, cement, rust, etc.

  • Dymatrio, Dymasan: general cleaning of granite, marble, stainless steel tools, glass, bathroom, …

  • Dyma Shine: removing stains and polishing glass.

  • Dyma Bac: remove grease, use kitchen area.

  • Dyma Phoslus: yellow stain removal, used to remove ceramic tiles, crockery, lavabo, toilet, …

Application equipment:

  • Cleaning machine floor 175 round / minute.

  • Floor polishing machine 1500rpm.

  • Water vacuum cleaner

  • Other necessary cleaning tools


1. Cleaning service after construction

  • House cleaning services after construction

  • House cleaning services after construction

  • Cleaning services after construction

  • General cleaning service after construction

  • Cleaning service after building apartments for real estate projects

  • Cleaning service after building a newly built apartment

  • Cleaning service after constructing newly built Real Estate projects

  • Cleaning services after construction of newly built office buildings

  • Cleaning services after building newly built banks

  • After-building cleaning service for newly built business premises

  • Cleaning service after building a newly built town house

  • Cleaning service for newly built buildings.

2. General cleaning service after construction

  • General cleaning of newly built houses

  • General cleaning after construction

  • General cleaning of the model house for apartments

  • General cleaning of model houses for real estate project area.

  • General cleaning of office buildings

  • General cleaning company office

  • General cleaning of factories – factories – factories – industrial parks

  • General cleaning of civil houses

  • General cleaning of machinery and equipment

  • General cleaning as required.

3. Provide daily professional cleaning staff for:

  • Provide daily housekeeping staff for company offices

  • Provide daily cleaning staff for the school

  • Provide daily housekeeping for the buildings

  • Providing daily housekeeping staff for the apartments

  • Providing daily housekeeping – cleaning for factories and factories

  • Provide daily cleaning staff for factories – factories – factories of industrial parks

  • Provide daily housekeeping staff for clinics

  • Provide daily housekeeping for the Dental Clinic

  • Provide hospital and clinic nurse

  • Provide daily housekeeping staff for Hospitals

  • Providing housekeeping staff for the hotel

  • Providing housekeeping staff for the restaurant

  • Providing hygiene staff for supermarkets

  • Provide daily housekeeping staff for the Bank

  • Provide daily housekeeping – housekeeping staff for embassies

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