What are insect pests?

There are lots of insects around us, some of which help the environment but some that harm our family's health. So which ones are harmful:

Termites are "silent exterminators" because they can secretly hide and thrive in homes or gardens, characterized by the climate of Vietnam, which is subtropical monsoon, very suitable for development and Termite breeding, so they are present throughout the countryside to the city, particularly in the mountainous regions can be present on the peaks above 1700m high.

  • That said, almost all regions and regions inhabiting land in Vietnam have termites everywhere and houses in any area can be termite-infested.

Mosquitoes are extremely dangerous, and their strongest growth is usually in the wet, wet season.

  • They can burn and transmit dangerous disease-carrying viruses to humans such as Dengue, Zika.

Rats are rodents, teeth always grow and have no length restrictions.

  • An animal with very high suspicion and very easy to greasy.

  • Often living in a herd to go eat.

  • When searching for food, they follow certain paths.

  • Rats can bite anything, even if it is not their food (partly to erode the teeth because their teeth grow very fast).

Flies are always annoying insects, and they also carry the germ of disease.

  • To be frank, we Vietnamese people hate these animals.

  • Hated to the point where people have the saying "UNCOMELY AS FLIES".

  • Flies carry bacteria from the least hygienic places to human food sources.

  • They are also one of the causes of food poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, dengue fever, yellow fever …

Three-chamber ants: There are many people who are stung by ants and endanger their bearing. In particular, the three-cavity ant, this small insect, but contains extremely terrible toxicity.

German Cockroaches: Starting German cockroaches are often spread from sewage from house to house, they cause unpleasant odors and reproduce very quickly.

  • Especially can not kill directly with common chemicals.

How to kill insects effectively?

Physical method

  • Use insect nets

  • Use the trap light system

  • Maintain general hygiene, clear bushes, do not allow water to accumulate around living areas

Chemical method

  • Using special chemicals in combination with advanced techniques such as misting, smoke spraying … to destroy existing insects, besides residual chemicals will prevent the intrusion. of them in the next time.

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