Odd Staff Service

How to have a clean and working environment to bring the highest efficiency at work?

It is also a need to think for organizations, companies and high-rise offices …

You can rest assured to focus on the business, reducing the lack of managing human resources.

Our company will provide quick and professional personnel.

  • For the ceiling: sweep dust, cobwebs, clean the light trough and decorative objects on the ceiling.

  • For walls: clean foot walls, walls and other decorative objects on the office wall system.

  • For wooden and glass door systems: clean glass and dust for each door frame …

  • For floor: sweep, collect and clean with scrubber. Particularly for the types of natural stone floor: marble, marble, grindstone, wooden floor, concrete … in addition to cleaning with a scrubber should be polished, waterproofed and covered with glue to protect each type of floor accordingly.

  • For staircase: cleaning, cleaning each step, wiping stair handrails and fire protection equipment system.

  • For elevators: clean the doors, control buttons outside the elevator. At the same time, clean all remaining items inside the elevator such as: ceiling, floor, inside door and elevator button.

  • Toilet area: clean doors, mirrors, stone tables, clean sinks, toilets, urinals, walls, exhaust fans, exhaust fans, scrub the floor with a scrubber, deodorize the house toilet.

  • Sanitize the rest of the office supplies: tables, chairs, cupboards, shelves and other equipment and supplies (if any)


Odd Staff Service


Why customers should use office suites

– Help the company save costs for office chores.

– No cost for managing and training office clerks.

– No need to worry about office break. Because someone can replace them immediately if the household is sick or on leave.

– Not investing in chemicals, tools, sanitary equipment

– Enjoy other company cleaning services

– Employees of the company are well trained, experienced to do the following:

  • Cleaning and cleaning company: take care of outdoor areas, basement area, ground floor, working rooms of the building, toilets.

  • Using company sanitary equipment: floor mop, wiper, dust mop, wiper, trolley, floor cleaning chemicals, toilet cleaning chemicals, glass cleaning chemicals .. .. to clean and keep company offices hygienic.

  • Making tea helps the company serve its customers better.

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