Improving the value: Hoang Dung Industrial Hygiene Company commits you to be really satisfied with what you spend to use our services.

Absolute confidence: All staffs and employees of the Company always accompany to satisfy all requirements of customers in the shortest time.

Comprehensive innovation: Your building, office will have a new image when using our services, thereby creating a good working environment for employees and a deep impression on customers when to the deal.

Managing cost savings: You do not have to have more managers to buy and sell materials, do not have to buy insurance for cleaning staff and other expenses … thereby saving a lot of money.

The reasons that customers believe in Hoang Dung Industrial Hygiene Services:

1. Perfect service quality according to international standards

2. Information is absolutely guaranteed.

3. You pay the cost when really satisfied.

4. Quality control system according to ISO 9001-2000

5. Using machinery, equipment and chemicals of Klenco.

6. The closed quality monitoring system, any non-conformity, even the smallest, will be detected and rectified in the first place.

7. The staff of professional training, with high honesty. Hoang Dung commits to compensate for the losses if caused by the company's staff.

8. Monitoring system to check staff regularly.

9. All employees are insured

10. Always uphold the safety in all activities and processes.

11. Contact information between customers and company representatives 24/7

12. Immediate response to customer arising out of service.

13. Specific work plan for each day, week, month and quarter

14. Reasonable and flexible service price.

With the motto of dedicated, professional service, affordable price will surely satisfy you.

Why choose Hoang Dung?

  • Is a perennial unit in Ho Chi Minh city.

  • Carry out countless large and small projects.

  • Used equipment imported from Italy, USA and France.

  • Chemicals we use are also imported from USA, Italy, Germany.

  • Professional team.

  • Scientific workflow.

  • Handling problems quickly, cleanly.

Hotline: 0903.69.11.47 - 0903.01.03.81
Email: vesinhhoangdung@gmail.com
Location: 113A Nguyễn Hữu Huân, P.Tân Lập, TP.Nha Trang
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