Current Status

– Visually, the floor has been visibly degraded, in particular there are many yellow stains, dark lines and scratches, etc.

– The surface of the floor has become dim, the dirt penetrates into the formation of black stripes, the worse will become worse in the long run.


– Objective: The nature of Marble or Limestone is soft artificial limestone, creating a very soft surface, sandy environment, dirty water, high heels, .. which are not friendly to Limestone.

– Subjective:

  • The maintenance of daily hygiene with dirty floor cleaner is the cause of bad influence for Limestone

  • Long streaks of chemicals spill on the floor but are not cleaned immediately they are ingrained into the stone surface.

– Customers do not care and care for Limestone properly


Polish the stone floor


Suggested steps to clean new Limestone balls

– Step 1: Apply suction to remove excess chemical residues and dirt in the stone surface, making the stone face white and bright.

– Step 2: Complete cleaning with a single machine with specialized chemicals for Limestone to help remove stains, smudges, brighten the surface color

– Step 3: Polish by weightlifting machine with special polishing chemicals for Limestone, help kick the ball up like a mirror but make sure no surface layer

– Step 4: Perform by meticulous manual method with specialized chemicals for waterproofing, chemicals are penetrated into and fill the whole rock structure, creating a lotus leaf effect, preventing the penetration of dirt, dirty water, oil base, … inside the rock

We commit that after performing the 4 steps mentioned above, your Marble or Limestone floor will become shiny new and beautiful (except for the irreparable crack).

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